About Nick

Thank you for your interest in Media Depot, here is a rundown of the video production services available

  1. Script writing / Storyboard / Running sheet
  2. Video recording on location or in studio
  3. Extensive voice over talent with licensed music tracks / sound effects
  4. Motion Graphic design / VFX
  5. Video editing / Colour grading
  6. Clear Ads classification
  7. Media asset management 
  8. Multi-platform delivery – Television Networks, Pay TV, Video billboards, Download link    

I started this business to provide the Limestone Coast with a quality video production service. Throughout my career in Television and Radio, I have worked with amazing talented people who have helped guide and shape the producer I have become. 

Starting as a sound engineer working in Adelaide, I spent time working in Radio, Mixed for live bands and DJing. Turning my hand to video I built a career working in Broadcast Television

Regional Television (before it was centralised) was a great training ground. Few jobs involved a crew. You learnt to write, film, edit… the works. You had to do it all.

I have taken these all round skills to build my own business. The value for my customers is realised when looking at their amazing video, they haven’t had to budget for a large crew

It doesn’t end there, in fact that’s just the beginning.

My somewhat nerdy tendencies have spurred me forward to learn the latest video editing effects and technologies. Want a talking dog to sell your product? Maybe a green screen effect to put you in a stadium. If you have an idea, but not sure if it’s possible… I love a challenge.

Keeping up with the changing media landscape has been challenging for many businesses. Traditional stores that would run TV commercials every time they had a sale, have found their audience has dispersed to online platforms.

Video marketing is growing in strength and is a powerful tool for business. The advantage of video marketing online is that you can measure the performance and carefully target your market. Great video works well to funnel your customers to your point of sale.