The Process

What is the process of making a TV Commercial?

The first step is for me to get an understanding of your business or product you want to advertise. Meeting in person is normally the best option as we can then discuss what options are available.

Next a draft script will be written detailing the video and audio for the production. This process normally requires some revisions, re-writes, swapping out some lines until we agree on a script that meets your needs and fits within the budget

The content for the commercial is then created. This could involve a video shoot, graphic design, animation and production of the soundtrack.

The content is then produced into a 30 or 15sec TV commercial.

A preview video is emailed to you for your approval. When you are completely happy with the commercial, it is submitted for classification by Free TV Australia.

Once the TV commercial has been classified for broadcast. The full Broadcast Quality video is delivered to the Television station. On completion you will receive an email containing all the details you require to book your commercial to air.